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Urine testing is the most effective and the least expensive way of detecting drugs and their metabolites in the body. Urine tests are considered to be a golden standard of the testing industry as testing urine is the simplest and the least intrusive way of indicating which drugs and in what quantity you have takes within last few days. Urine tests have become an essential part of no drugs at work policy at many companies. Being accused of taking drugs (even if it were only a few puffs of marijuana) can fire you out. How to pass a urine drug test? Even if you are innocent and have not abused any drugs in your life, you can also fail the urine drug test. And it will then be up to you to prove your innocence. However we have collected all the useful information for you on how to pass a urine drug test, how to get ready to urine drug test and detoxify your body within the shortest period of time to appear clean during the test.

Bad ways of passing a urine drug test

The internet is full of legends and bad tips on how to pass a urine drug test. These ways are not effective. Moreover you will be denounced as cheater, thus you will fuel even more suspicion to your personality. Believe it, next time you will be strictly supervised during urine drug test. That is why we need to warn you, which ways of passing a urine drug test will not do for you:

  1. Drinking lots of water or juice or coffee. It is one of the trickiest mistakes as any drug and its metabolites need a certain period of time to clear out from the body.
  2. Taking diuretics will not do as well as the smallest traces of the drug recently abused will still be found in the urine.
  3. Infusing bleach, Visine, ammonia into urine.
  4. Peeing into the cup mid- or end-stream but not immediately. This is as well one of the false beliefs that may let you fail the test as the modern agents and top-notch equipment will sense the smallest traces of the drugs and their metabolites you are tested for.
  5. Getting a clean sample and substitute your urine with it.

We should also warn you that some of the methods are life challenging. You should not also rely on natural body cleaning. There are some sorts of drugs which can be detected in urine sample within 30 days.

How to get ready and how to pass a urine drug test with no risks for your health and reputation?

First you should know, that you should be warned about oncoming urine test in advance. Depending on how much time you have you will choose the methods that will help you to pass a urine drug test clean.

First, make a list of all the drugs you took within the last 30 days. It is a very important step as various drugs need different periods of time to be cleared out from the body. Do not forget to include the medications and herbs prescribed to you by your physician.

If you are a heavy abuser, then you will need a longer time to get clean. However, if you took drugs once or twice, then everything should be ok with your urine within 5 days.

Second, Recall exactly the date when you last took the dosage of the drugs. This will be the starting point of the cleaning procedure.

Third, buy home urine drug tests to find out whether the drugs and their metabolites are still indicated in your urine. Keep in mind that you can be tested with the same urine drug tests or your sample may be sent to a certified laboratory in which more sensitive equipment will detect the smallest traces of drugs. Besides, these urine medical tests will indicate your progress in cleaning your body in general and urine in particular.

Three major steps in cleaning your body if you have more than one week

Seven days are enough to recover your body after the greatest stresses.

  • The most obvious advice for you is to stop taking drugs and to start a healthy lifestyle for a period of time for preparation to the urine drug test.
  • Contact your therapist and ask about multivitamin supplements. High vitamin dosages will boost the recovery in your body thus toxic ingredients will faster clear out.
  • Drink much of water and watch your urination cycle.

However, how to pass a urine drug test if you have less than a week?

There is an optimum solution for you. Modern pharmaceutical industry have developed special cleaners which will 100% clean your urine from any drugs and metabolites within the shortest period of time. These remedies reestablish normal nutrients of your urine and get it back to normal “life” so none of the testers will suspect you of “cleaning” the urine and getting ready to the drug test. These remedies can not be detected in urine sample.

The so called cleaners are safe and risk free for your health. The active ingredients are commonly of herbal nature. They boost metabolic processes in your body thus forcing the process cleaning out the drugs and their metabolites. The cleaners will not affect you anyway apart from your urine. They do not perform side effects. This is a super solution for those who takes some drugs from time to time but needs to pass a urine drug tests regularly (no drugs at work policy). There two major types of cleaners for you. Some of the cleaners perform immediate effect. It means that these supplements clear out all drugs and their traces within a few hours. This is a perfect solution if you are warned about the urine test few hours prior. Another sort of cleansers provides full detoxication of the body. However these supplements need more time to boost the metabolism in your body and clear out the drugs and metabolites.

Being the experts of urine drug testing industry we can recommend the next:

  • Stop taking drugs immediately after you are warned about the oncoming urine test;
  • Buy medical urine tests sensitive to the drugs you have taken during the last month;
  • Choose the program of detoxication and start it right away;
  • Start a healthy lifestyle (diet, activity, multivitamin supplements);
  • Do not cheat during the test.

Following these simple tips, we are 100% sure, you will pass the test!

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