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Hair, saliva and urine are genuine holders of drugs we take and their metabolites. That is why these samples are often chosen to be sent to clinics for laboratory tests and confirmation of drug presence or absence in the body. Laboratory tests are commonly conducted by most employers in the United States to check the employees for taking drugs. These tests are the simplest and cheapest way to control the employees, to lower work accidents, to decrease employee turnover, to lower insurance compensation claims. Laboratory tests can be conducted regularly to keep workers controlled and occasionally, when an employer suspects the employees of regular taking drugs. Laboratory tests are the only way of effective control of the workers at any time. We offer you various laboratory tests based on samples of urine, hair or saliva. Our laboratory tests are easy to use kits providing you a chance to collect samples and send them to laboratories in order to get results asap. Laboratory tests are more effective and precise then medical tests for home usage. We offer laboratory tests for detecting of the most commonly abused drugs as heroin, cocaine, THC, marijuana, amphetamines and others.

What laboratory tests to choose?

We offer you to buy laboratory tests with samples of urine, hair or saliva as these samples are the simplest to collect. Hair stays in the body for the longest period of time compared to urine and saliva (oral fluid) which are more frequently renewed. This means that the traces of drugs and their metabolites will stay longer in hair than in saliva or urine. The concentration of drug traces in the samples depends also on the way of drug usage (one-time or chronic). For example, the traces of ecstasy can be detected in urine within 3-4 days as well as in the saliva sample. However hair follicles will keep the traces of this drug for up to 90 days. LSD traces can be detected in urine within 2-24 hours, in saliva – up to 4 days.


Hair samples can test for any illicit drugs and can detect the traces of drugs used up to a few months. It is the most reliable test sample for detecting drug abuse.


Saliva is the simplest to collect test sample, however most drugs do not linger in saliva and disappear in most cases within next 12-24 hours after the drug is taken. Saliva sample will not do for detecting past drug intakes. It is the most efficient way to detect recent drug use for example for vehicle and equipment drivers.


Urine can test for any illicit and prescription drugs. Urine should be collected in a container.


Due to the different time of presence of the traces of drugs in saliva, hair or urine, it is highly recommended to conduct laboratory tests using various samples to get the most precise results. If you are going to conduct regular laboratory tests then you can use one of the simplest to collect samples (for example, oral fluids). For a new employee it is strongly recommended to conduct hair drug tests.

How do laboratory tests work?

Laboratory tests are very easy and simple to conduct. The tests, presented in our catalogue, commonly include a special container for a sample (urine, hair or saliva), an envelope to send the sample to a certified laboratory and Chain of Custody form which should be filled in very carefully in order the laboratory accept the sample and conduct the test.

You do not need special knowledge or skills to conduct the test. Our laboratory tests are non-intrusive.

Are the laboratory tests effective, accurate and precise?

The laboratory error of the test results is reduced to minimum as in case of detecting higher levels of drug concentration the samples are tested once again for confirmation. Such double testing procedure excludes mistakes. This sort of laboratory tests is very popular and the mechanism of drug traces detection is very simple. When the laboratory gets the sample the experts conduct initial testing which is detecting the presence of drugs and their metabolites in the sample above the threshold level. If the drug traces are not detected in the sample, then the “negative” result is sent back to you. If the drug traces are detected in the sample above threshold level, then the tested sample moves for confirmation testing which will determine the quantitative level of the drug.

What will laboratory tests not tell you?

Laboratory tests are the most effective way to detect drug abuse, however the test will not give you precise information on when the drug was taken or how much of a certain drug was taken.

Why is it recommended to buy laboratory tests?

Drugs abuse is one of the most common reasons for work accidents, injuries and fatal cases at work. Laboratory tests help to early detect a drug abuser. Moreover it is the cheapest way to test a person for taking drugs.

Laboratory tests can be used not only in business environment as part of drug free workplace program. You can buy our precise and accurate laboratory tests to check your family members if you suspect them of drug abuse. Laboratory tests will detect the drug traces even if the substance is taken occasionally.

What are the advantages of laboratory tests?

The laboratory tests, which you can buy in our store, do not require special preparation and skills to be conducted. They are approved for diagnostics and provide exact results. The tests are very simple to conduct as they are reduced to correct sample collection (urine, saliva or hair). You do not need to visit laboratory or clinic to get the sample tested. Each laboratory test kit includes a special container for a certain sample and an envelope to send the sample to the certified laboratory. Our laboratory tests guarantee 99.99% accuracy and precision of the results.

The main disadvantage of laboratory tests is the period of time to wait for the results. Unlike rapid medical tests for home usage, which give you an immediate result, you will have to wait to get results from laboratory.

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