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Drug testing industry offers a new solution for quick, on site and extremely precise drug testing – drug testing cups. This is a unique method to detect drugs and their metabolites with a single testing sample. Easy to use drug testing cups provide exact and rapid testing. Our online drug tests store offers the top quality cups at the lowest price possible! We have drug testing cups detecting up to 12 various drugs and their metabolites in the urine.

These cups will become your great helper in implementation of no drug at work policy or finding out whether your kid abuses drugs or not.

Simple to use

Unlike other urine drug tests requiring additional accessories for collecting urine, these drug testing cups are ready to use tests which will give you exact and accurate results within five minutes after a sample of urine gets in the cup. The mode of action is rather simple. There are a certain number of chemical agents being sensitive to certain drugs and their metabolites. If a sample of urine contains a drug in a concentration above threshold level then a corresponding agent will give colored mark in the control area. Besides, these urine drug tests are almost impossible to beat. The drug testing cups are so sensitive that will detect even the smallest traces of drugs and their metabolites in the sample. With these super sensitive drug testing cups you will be sure in results of the testing as they detect even the most popular adulterants and bleach!

Cheap and effective

The drug testing cups use the same chemical agents to detect drugs and their metabolites in the urine as modern laboratories. The cups will not tell you when and in how much of drug is taken. However this drug testing method will give you a clear answer whether a person takes drugs or not. Moreover the price of drug testing cups is lower than conducting the same precision and accuracy test in a certified laboratory. Besides you will sufficiently save time as you do not have to visit a laboratory or waste time on sending the sample to a laboratory. The drug testing cups will give you an exact result in a matter of minutes. You do not need to spend more money and time anymore.

Moreover we offer you the cheapest multi drug testing cups being able to detect up to 14 illegal substances in the urine of a person: cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, opiates, barbiturates and others. You will sufficiently save costs on buying multi drug testing cups instead of single drug tests.

Reading results is simple

You will easily read the results of the test as drug testing cups show or do not show coloring. It is almost impossible to get border-line results.

Our online store is your best partner in detecting drug abusers in your business. That is why we have a great offer for you! We have special discounts and prices for drug testing cups for wholesale purchase.

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