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Saliva is one of the samples, commonly taken for drug tests. Recent extensive research has proved the advantage of saliva usage for drug tests. The key advantage of saliva drug tests is the simplicity of sample taking and the process being less prone to efforts. It is one of the least invasive drug tests. Moreover the samples of saliva can be taken even in public areas and do not need sterile environment as in case with blood testing, which requires healthcare specialists and sending the blood sample to the laboratory. All these steps automatically generate additional expenses.

Our online medical tests store offers saliva drug tests for home usage and for laboratory diagnostics. Our saliva drug tests are designed to detect a vast range of drugs in oral fluids: opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and others as well as their metabolites.

The saliva drug tests are cost efficient way to detect all drugs in a single sample without sending it to a certified laboratory. This allows getting quick results and save costs. Taking saliva samples is donor friendly, it does not hurt or cause discomfort to a person.

Oral fluid multi-drug saliva test detects active drugs and their metabolites present in the saliva. You will get accurate and precise results in a minute after getting the sample.

Saliva laboratory tests, offered in our online store, are used for confirmation of the multi-panel tests. The kit includes a special collection pad and a container, in which the pad should be sent to the laboratory for testing.

Why saliva drug tests are more preferable?

There are several ways to detect drug traces in the body: by collecting hair, saliva and urine. Saliva is capable of keeping the traces of drugs and their metabolites for the next 12-36 hours after the last drug intake. Saliva is a more preferable sample as it enables to detect the most recently taken drugs which can not be yet detected in urine. This means that taking saliva samples you can detect the drugs which were taken within the last few hours.

Hair shows the history of person’s drug abusing but it will not show the most recently taken drugs. Blood tests require special equipment and sterile environment to be taken.

Saliva drug tests eliminate the risk of cheating as in case with urine. The samples collection is commonly supervised by a responsible person, thus beating is reduced to zero.

How saliva drug tests work?

Saliva samples wet the strips with applied agent. The agent acts as a drug traces indicator. If the strip gets colored within several minutes, then the result is positive. If the strip does not change color, then the result is negative. In multi-drug saliva screening test you will see different color marking each sort of drug indicated. We advise to use multi-drug saliva tests as first step. If the result is read as positive then we recommend buying saliva laboratory drug test for confirmation of drug detection.

The advantages of saliva drug tests

Buy saliva drug tests from the official distributor and enjoy undoubted advantages:

  • Ease of use;
  • Accuracy and precision of results;
  • Quick testing;
  • Cost efficient way to detect drugs traces;

Inability to fake results!

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