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Every person tries alcohol at least once in life. Alcohol stirs many debates but still it is a powerful antidepressant that helps our bodies and minds relax when we fail to relax on our own. May people drink alcohol as a powerful stimulant as in small dosages it is proved to boost spirits. Alcohol is an essential part of any party or event to keep ambient and relaxed atmosphere. Alcohol has become an integral part of many cultures. The debates about health benefits and risks of alcohol will never die out. Though knowing about the instant and postponed risks for our health we still enjoy alcohol.

However alcohol is known to strongly affect physical and mental abilities of a person. And thus it disables a person to drive a car or other machines. Moreover being in a state of strong alcohol intoxication a person is disabled to control moves and actions. But what is most important is various states have various norms of legal alcohol consumption. That is why we offer you the best alcohol tests which will give you a cleat and accurate result within minutes. Whether you want to test your employees or get tested yourself these alcohol tests are the optimum solution as they are cheap, reliable and precise.

Our online store offers you the simplest way to check your drivers and workers for alcohol consumption. These alcohol tests are the most reliable way to implement and keep to the program of zero tolerance at your company. According to the US Department of Transportation any person with a driving license should not exceed a zero tolerance level being 0.02%.

Our alcohol tests are the simplest and most usable as they can be conducted in any place and at any time. Using saliva is the most reasonable way of testing as concentration of alcohol in this body fluid is very close to that in the blood.

To conduct alcohol tests is very simple. One should place a pad in the mouth to wet it with saliva and wait for 4-5 minutes to get results. We offer the most sensitive alcohol tests which will detect alcohol concentration in the fluid above 0.02%. Moreover these alcohol tests are no-invasive. These can not be cheated.

Among other benefits of alcohol tests which you can buy in our online store are fast and exact results, no mistakes possible, cheap and effective solution, which will show you exact results without visiting a certified laboratory.

What should you know about alcohol tests?

These tests have chemical agents sensitive to alcohol concentration. Thus these agents will give colored mark on the test if the concentration of alcohol is above 0.02%. However the alcohol tests will detect any sort of alcohol. Many medications are based on alcohol. If you taking some alcohol-containing remedies then we strongly recommend you to get tested before getting into the car to avoid explaining the details to policemen or your employer.

Buy high quality, high precision alcohol tests in advance and be sure you are clean to pass zero tolerance tests at work or enjoy safe driving!

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