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Xalex drug testing kits are supreme quality drug tests developed for the simplest ad easiest onsite testing of drug concentration in the urine of a person. Thorough and tough research in the domain of drugs has made the Xalex drug testing kits the best available on the market for various sorts of testing. Many people have realized the convenience of onsite drug testing as it is a cost effective, simple and very fast, not saying very exact and accurate way to find out whether a person takes drugs or not. Our online shop presents the best choice of medical tests, accessories and Xalex drug testing kits for you at the best price ever.

Why we give preference to Xalex drug testing kits?

When it comes to detecting drug abuse, then there is no chance for a mistake. None of other drug test brands, available on the market, perform the same high quality, accuracy and precision as Xalex drug testing kits do. Moreover, these products get the best producer support. The experts of the brand are ready to answer any of your questions 24/7.

The Xalex drug testing kits cover the widest range of commonly abused drugs as cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, marijuana, opiates, benzodiazepine, methadone, barbiturate, angel dust, tricyclic as well as antidepressants.

It is the only medical tests brand providing an option of drug test kits customization. It means that you can combine any quantity and any sorts of drug tests in one kit. The Xalex company will fulfill your order within 5-7 weeks and thus you will get the best fitting your needs Xalex drug testing kits.

Our online store offers as ready to use Xalex drug testing kits, so we can accept an order for customized Xalex drug testing kits. Besides, you will find everything you need to conduct testing at home: specimen cups, latex exam gloves at a very low price.

How do Xalex drug testing kits work?

The mode of action of onsite Xalex drug testing kits is very simple. Each kit can detect up to 10 drugs in a sample. We offer Xalex drug testing kits for marijuana only or Xalex drug testing kits for 5, 6 and 10 drugs detectable during a single testing. In the Xalex drug testing kit box you will find a cassette with strips keeping special chemical agents which will give coloring to the strip if the sample contains specific drugs in the concentration above the threshold level.

To conduct drug tests with accurate and precise Xalex drug testing kits is very easy. You need to dip the strips in the sample of urine (urine is one of the body fluids keeping the traces of all drugs and their metabolites, which a person has taken within the last 12-48 hours) for several seconds. Each Xalex drug testing kits contains a step by step instruction of how to accurately conduct the test. The instruction will also indicate a period of time in which the strips should get coloring. Reading the results of Xalex drug tests is rather easy as well. If a strip is colored then a tested person took this sort of drug within last few days.

Can I completely believe the results of Xalex drug testing kits?

Yes, the Xalex drug testing kits give the most accurate and precise results within the shortest periods of time. You can be sure that no mistake is possible as normally body fluids do not contain these substances even in the smallest quantities. If you doubt the results of the test you can send the sample of the urine to a certified laboratory to get confirmation. The laboratory testing will prove not only the presence of a certain abused drug in the sample, but will also detect its concentration in the given urine sample. However, laboratory tests are not needed when you use Xalex drug testing kits as these simple onsite tests will give you a certain answer whether your employees take drugs or not.

What should you know about Xalex drug testing kits?

Xalex drug testing kits use samples of urine and saliva to detect drugs and their metabolite traces in the sample. We give preference and strongly recommend you to buy urine Xalex drug testing kits. Why urine tests are better? First drug substance appears in saliva. But this fluid is rapidly renewed and thus conducting saliva drug test you can get positive results only in case if a person has taken the drug within last few hours (up to 12). If you suspect the person of taking drugs a while ago (for example, 24-36 hours), then you are recommended to conduct a urine drug test.

Xalex drug testing kits are the best drug detectors for no drugs at work policy

Many companies have by now adopted the policy of no drugs at work enabling an employer to check employees periodically for drugs. Xalex drug testing kits are the best partners for you, if you decide to implement the policy in your company. Our online medical tests store offers you:

  • The most cost effective way to test your employees;
  • To buy the best quality Xalex drug testing kits with discounts;
  • To get additional accessories for comfort of test conducting;
  • To enjoy the simplest and most precise and accurate drug testing ever;
  • To use FDA approved tests;
  • Order customized tests to save costs and time.

Our top rated Xalex drug testing kits will be of great interest not only for commercial use. Parents, who are suspicious about their children getting involved into taking drugs, will find this way of testing the best possible onsite drug testing. Xalex drug testing kits are easily used at home. The Xalex drug tests enable a person to sufficiently save costs and time for visits to clinics or laboratories as the single drug test kit will detect the most commonly abused drugs in a single testing procedure.

We thoroughly choose only the best medical tests for you. Xalex drug testing kits are the most trusted tests available on the market. Moreover these tests are greatly appreciated by the medical experts to prove drug abuse as soon as possible and in the simplest way!

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