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Pregnancy is a period of gestation in which one or more fetuses develop in a uterus. Normally a health pregnancy lasts for about 38-40 weeks starting from the day of the last normal menstrual period. One of the earliest and most effective ways to detect pregnancy is to check the level of hCG. All early pregnancy tests use the chemical agent responding to the concentration of this hormone in the urine of a woman. When conception happens a fertilized egg moves to the uterus to implant. During this period chorionic villi develop actively and produce the hCG. hGC is known as a human chorionic gonadotropin. First the hormone appears in the blood of a woman and then it can be detected in her urine. We offer top quality, high precision pregnancy tests responding to the level of hCG above 20mIUs being equal to 4-5 weeks of gestational age (it means a fetus is only 2-3 weeks old).

How do early pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy tests are widely used even by gynecologists to early diagnose a state of pregnancy in women. The mode of action of every test is the same. Onsite early pregnancy tests contain a strip which keeps the chemical agent being sensitive to the level of hCG. If the level equals or is higher than 20mIUs then a test will show one control line and another test line (two lines in total). This result should be read as a positive one. If the concentration of hCG is lower than 20mIUs, then the test will show only control line only one line will appear on the strip) and this result should be read as negative.

For the comfort and convenience of women we offer various types of early pregnancy tests which use urine as testing substance. You will find midstream pregnancy tests in our store, being the most convenient way to test the pregnancy for those women who do not have a possibility to collect urine. The test strip is contained in a cassette which should be placed right under the stream of urine.

For those women who plan pregnancy we have a special offer! You can buy packs of early pregnancy tests for the lowest price on internet! These are the highest quality and the most sensitive tests you can ever find. These pregnancy tests are able to detect pregnancy on the 6th-7th day of the conception. It means that you will be able to find out whether you are pregnant or not even before your next normal menstrual period.

For your convenience we offer all the necessary accessories to conduct early pregnancy tests in sterile environment. You can buy latex gloves, specimen containers (cups for urine) at the lowest price ever.

Can I completely trust early pregnancy tests?

We have thoroughly picked up the best and the highest quality pregnancy tests for you. The precision and accuracy of a test is 99%. It means that only one test out of a hundred will show border line results. However you should know that not all results are completely negative and not all positive results mean that there is a fetus in your uterus.

False negative results of pregnancy tests

Our online store offers only FDA approved and trustable early pregnancy tests. But there are cases when pregnancy tests may result as false negative. This means that after conducting an early pregnancy test you will get a negative result with one control line but later on you will find out that you are pregnant. This can be only in case if the level of hCG is lower than the test can detect. It can happen in two cases: you conduct the pregnancy test too early or the kidney function is defected. In the last case the hCG will not appear in urine in quantity, being enough for detecting with early pregnancy tests. It does not mean that something goes wrong in your body. It just means that your urine does not contain enough of the pregnancy hormone. False negative pregnancy test results may be determined by some diseases in the body. That is why we recommend buying disease tests in advance. These are the rapid tests enabling early diagnostics of UTI diseases.

False positive results of early pregnancy tests

False positive results of pregnancy tests occur less frequently than false negative results. Not only the fetus produces the hCG after implantation. The hormone can be produced by some neoformations and tumors. You should also keep in mind that the level hCG will not rapidly fall after labor or abortion. We need to warn you that low quality pregnancy tests may also show test line indicating pregnancy even if the level of hCG is negative. That is why we strongly recommend to buy pregnancy tests only from official trusted distributors as well as of reputable producers.

Why should you buy early pregnancy tests?

Every woman of child bearing age should have several tests in advance as none of the methods of contraception provide 100% guarantee and thus do not protect from pregnancy. We offer you the most precise and accurate early pregnancy tests enabling you to find out your pregnancy on the earliest stage of development. Why early pregnancy diagnostics is so important? There is a certain period of time when a pregnancy can be terminated (up to 13 weeks). This is important to know in case the pregnancy is unwanted. Periods are not very indicative of pregnancy as missed periods can be conditioned with hormonal imbalance or some disease meanwhile the periods may come regularly even during the pregnancy. And these cases are rather frequent. Early pregnancy tests are the only possible way to find out this condition before visiting gynecologist or getting ultrasonography investigation.

The earliest period of pregnancy commonly lasts symptomless. This means that woman normally does not feel any changes in her body and early pregnancy tests are sure way to find out whether there is a fetus inside you or not. Do not put away pregnancy diagnostics for later as your way of life may sufficiently harm your unborn baby in uterus and induce some inborn defects. Pregnancy tests will let you take all necessary measures to ensure healthy gestation and healthy baby born in time.

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