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Any woman planning pregnancy should know what ovulation is, when it happens, whether it happens at all or not and how to detect a period of ovulation. We offer the simplest way to diagnose ovulation and to happily plan pregnancy with the best and the most reliable ovulation tests.

Ovulation is in general a phase of normal menstrual cycle when a mature ovarian cell is released from the ovaries into the Fallopian tube where it will presumably meet a germ cell. The ovulation is the most fertile period in the menstrual cycle of a woman. That is why planning a baby each woman should know for sure when she has ovulation. And our online store offers the most accurate ovulation tests to find out whether you ovulate or not. Moreover you will also find all the necessary monitoring devices to use other methods of ovulation diagnostics as basal thermometers. Ovulation tests are the cheapest way to get pregnant as soon as possible. It is the simplest way of keeping your cycle under control. Ovulation tests are one the most reliable ways of female diagnostics.

There are commonly three ways to diagnose ovulation. A woman can follow the calendar. The calendar method is the least reliable. A woman should count the days from the start of the normal menstrual cycle. Commonly ovulation happens on the 14th day of the 28-day menstrual cycle. If a cycle is longer than a woman is advised to count 14 days back from the average last day of menstrual cycle. For example, if an average cycle is 32 days then we get 32-14=18. It means that ovulation may happen on the 18th day of the cycle. However ovulation tests will give you exact result without complicated mathematical calculations.

Another way to diagnose ovulation is to visit your gynecologist to conduct folliculometry with application of ultrasound. However, it is one of the most expensive and time consuming ways of tracking of your ovulation. The third method is to measure basal temperature day after day at certain time and make a graph. A rapid rise of temperature marks the ovulation. However, for this method to be exact a woman should fulfill all the conditions of correct basal temperature measurement.

The simplest way to diagnose your most fertile period is to buy ovulation tests and know it for sure. The benefits of ovulation tests are obvious. Our top quality and high precision ovulation tests predict ovulation in advance, so you will be ready for your fertile period. They are simple to conduct and give the most exact results.

How do ovulation tests work?

Ovulation tests work very simply. These are urine tests which you need to dip into morning urine following the instruction step by step. In some cases you will need to repeat ovulation tests twice a day. The test strip has an agent being sensitive to LH. This is a luteinizing hormone which is produced by pituitary gland. In the period of ovulation this hormone is produced in much bigger quantities. The hormone can be detected in urine. If the concentration of the hormone is higher than average level then the test will show a brightly colored test line. If the hormone is not enough, then the test will show a test line paler than control line. When a woman gets positive result of ovulation tests, it means that the ovaries will expel the ovarian cell into the tube within the next 12 hours.

How to conduct ovulation tests?

Each ovulation tests kit or a single test pack contains a step by step instruction on how to conduct a test. Our online store offers to types of ovulation tests using different specimen. Traditional ovulation tests use urine, other tests use saliva. It is believed, that urine ovulation tests are more precise and accurate than saliva tests. After collecting urine into a clean cup a test strip should be dipped into the specimen for 5 seconds. You should read result after 5 minutes only. If the test gives almost positive result then it is recommended to repeat the ovulation test within the next 12 hours. That is why it is important to have ovulation tests in advance as each body produces LH in individual proportions. That is why ovulation tests can respond differently. Moreover a woman can get almost positive results for two or three days. In order not to miss the most fertile period of the cycle a woman is recommended to get tested every 12 hours.

Are the results of ovulation tests reliable?

Yes, if the ovulation tests show positive results then a woman is ovulating. It is the most fertile period of the cycle and the chances are rather high to get pregnant. The results of the ovulation tests can be hardly affected by anything happening in the body. No matter how long a woman has been sleeping before conducting ovulation tests or how much water she has drunk on the previous evening as in case with pregnancy tests.

However, you should keep in mind that ovulation tests just diagnose ovulation in the body. They do not predict pregnancy. It is highly recommended to conduct early pregnancy tests in 14-18 days after ovulation to diagnose pregnancy.

What should I do when I diagnose my ovulation?

When ovulation tests are positive, then it means that the most fertile period has started. A woman normally can get pregnant within 2 days after ovulation. However there are cases when women getting pregnant, having sex a day before ovulation. It is easy to explain as germ cells can live within female body up to 72 hours. Moreover male cells also need time to get into the Fallopian tubes to meet an ovarian cell.

Ovulation tests are the most exact way to find out when you have ovulation and to calculate the most fertile period of your cycle. Moreover our online store offers you all the necessary accessories and monitoring devices. Using our ovulation tests you can also self diagnose infertility, ovary dysfunction and hormonal imbalance in your body. We offer the highest quality tests, equipment, devices and accessories for exact, in time and simple diagnostics. Diagnostics with our ovulation tests is cheaper and easier than all other methods!

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