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Our online store thoroughly monitors the market of medical tests and offers you the best solutions for onsite diagnostics giving exact and accurate results in the fastest period of time. In some cases early diagnostics means successful and fast recovery. Moreover some insidious diseases go masked on the early stages when a person does not need heavy and complex treatment to recover. There are diseases which make us feel shy and uncomfortable to visit a doctor with. We have an optimum solution for people who live an active life. Our store presents high quality precise disease tests for diagnostics of the most common disease transmitted in everyday life or in sexual intercourses.

Our online medical tests store offers you to buy HIV tests for the earliest diagnostics of AIDS. New methods of treatment of AIDS provide people a chance for better life. New medicines and methods of treatments convert AIDS into a controllable form and thus people can enjoy normal life. However this is only possible if the disease is detected at the earliest period of development. HIV is one of the insidious diseases and newly infected people do not feel or recognize any symptoms of this disease. Our simple disease tests which you can buy right away will help you to test yourself and get precise and accurate result. The disease test kit contains an instruction and a specimen collector. This onsite home test is combined with thorough laboratory examination and testing.

What are the benefits of collecting specimen at home?

Buying one of the kits of disease tests for detecting HIV or other infection diseases you avoid visiting laboratories and clinics where the chance to get infected increases manifold. The disease test kit contains all the necessary tools and pouches to get the specimen in sterile environment and send it to the laboratory. Moreover you will keep your privacy as in case of sending your specimen to the laboratory for testing for HIV you do not need to indicate your real name or real address as the laboratory will identify you only by code number that is already indicated on the kit. The disease tests you can buy from our online store are absolutely safe to conduct at home, highly precise and FDA approved.

How to conduct HIV disease tests at home?

Conducting HIV disease tests at home is really simple and easy. Every test kit contains a step by step instruction on how to collect specimen and how to correctly send it to the laboratory. You can be sure that buying disease tests from our store you get the most trustable and high quality tests from certified laboratories which will send you exact results within 7 days absolutely anonymously.

What disease tests you can conduct at home?

Our online medical tests store offers you a great choice of testing kits detecting Strep A infection as well as various UTI infections. Unlike HIV tests, Strep A and UTI disease tests are for home usage. This means that after collecting the specimen you will find out whether you have this disease or not exactly in 5 minutes.

The disease tests for diagnostics of Strep A and UTI infections are FDA approved. They are easy to conduct and very precise. Moreover we have thoroughly picked the best tests for you to give you a 100% guarantee that you will get precise results as fast as possible.

Why you should get timely tested?

Many diseases can be easily cured when the case is early. Getting chronic, the disease will need a longer more complex treatment. None of the pills we take throughout of our lives are harmless. Almost every medication affects the liver and kidneys. Some affect mental activity, vision, heart, lungs. Every treatment gets its consequences. These may seem insignificant, but being accumulated in the body, they will finally provoke a collapse in functioning of any system or organ. That is why timely detection of any disease will result in lower quantities of pills and medications being prescribed to you. Moreover, having an infectious disease is threatening for other people being in close contact with the infected person. It will be all yours responsibility for keeping them away from your disease. Do not hesitate, buy disease tests right now to get the most precise and accurate results within minutes!

Why home disease tests are the best solution?

No matter you feel seek or just want to get sure you are healthy, disease tests are must haves of every person living active social life. Meanwhile some diseases can be transmitted only during a close contact with an infected person still there are diseases which one can get in public places without tight contacting with people. Most of the infectious diseases go latently. Buying best quality disease tests you can be sure you are a healthy person.

Conducting disease tests at home you will automatically avoid places of high risk of contamination. You will keep your privacy. Moreover buying disease tests from online store will keep you away from visiting your local drug stores.

We guarantee that disease tests sold at our online store are the same high quality, these are original products from brand manufacturers. We thoroughly monitor the prices for disease tests and offer you the best deal ever. Buying disease tests from us you get:

  • High quality, FDA approved and high precision disease tests able to detect most common UTI, Strep A and HIV from the first days of contamination;
  • Cost effective alternative to expensive laboratory tests;
  • Complete privacy.

Moreover we offer many accessories for comfortable and safe specimen collection. You can buy high quality latex gloves, specimen cups at the lowest price ever. You should also keep in mind that some infections need monitoring during the course of treatment and a control testing to get assured the infection is cleared out from the body. That is why we strongly recommend buying high quality disease tests in kits to have new tests in advance for control testing.

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