Heating and cooling of certain areas of the body is a renowned part of therapy used by professional massage therapists, chiropractics, athletes, skiers, dancers, acupuncturists. Our online store offers you a great choice of accessories used for pain relief, stress relieving and thermal therapy of inflammations in muscle tissues. Herbal packs and masks available at our store at the lowest price on the internet, are widely used for back pain relief, mental stress relief, muscle pain and menstrual cramps ease, neck ache and sinus pressure therapy, bruises and strains recovery and for effective insomnia therapy. The packs and masks are easy to use. Depending on the effect you desire to achieve you can heat the pack in the oven or cool it in the refrigerator before application. Ecologically clean materials will not provoke allergic reactions.

Is it safe to use such accessories?

Yes, the packs and masks for stress, tension and pain relief are completely safe for application. You can use the packs for ease of symptoms of stress and pain even without prescription and prior consultation with your health care provider. However you should know that there is a sort of diseases which can get worse during thermal therapies. If you have some chronic diseases, you should better consult your physician before application of packs and masks.

In our store you will find effective lumbar pads, herbal packs, neck collars and eye masks being a perfect cost effective alternative to expensive procedures at massage and beauty parlors.

Moreover the scent of herbs provides aroma-therapeutic effect. The pads and packs are easy to use as at home so at work to relieve pain in joints, neck, lumbar zone. Besides, the accessories from our store are reusable so you will enjoy therapeutic effect for a long time.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items