Ventolin – Bronchospasm

Bronchospasm is the bronchi’s narrowing, which happens because of the tractions as the answer to various factors, like the asthma or bronchitis. The patient can make the inhalation without problems, but the exhalation demands a lot of muscle force from him. Moreover the exhalation is accompanied with the strong noise, and every doctor can hear it with the help of the statoscope. The condition when the bronchospasm can be stopped by the special medicines has the name “reversible obstructive airways disease”. This is asthma for example. The condition when medicines are ineffective, calls like “irreversible obstructive airways disease”. This is chronicle bronchitis for example.

The most frequent reason of the bronchospasm is the bronchial asthma, which provokes the spasm and narrowing of the bronchi’s walls. Because of this the lungs’ ventilation is violated and the choke begins. Sometimes the spasm can be provoked by other infecting and allergic diseases. If you want to avoid the unpleasant consequences, it will be better to start the medical treatment and the diagnostics as soon as it is possible (as soon as the disease starts to appear).

Bronchospasm can be invisible. In this case it will appear only if the proper irritating factor is found out. If the bronchospasm is very serious, it will be necessary to take the appropriate measures against it. It is accompanied with other symptoms like suppression, pale face, strong cough and hard breathing. If the spasm continues more than hour, it will be recommended to call doctor. The patient can guess beforehand the bronchospasm because he starts to feel the symptoms which are typical for this disease.

Help your organism with the medicine ventolin.

The medical treatment against bronchospasm has to be complex. It can depend on a lot of reasons, but it is important to notice the climatic features and ecological factors among them. Also patient’s hormonal and emotional background is important too. Ventolin starts to act in several minutes after using. It is important not to use it again if the previous using was earlier than 6 hours. If to use ventolin for a long time, the tolerance (the decreasing of the medicine’s effectiveness) will be developed. Have a break between the courses to avoid the tolerance. It is not recommended to use ventolin more often than 4 times a day. You can provoke the overdose.