Do You Know What You’re Up Against?

The differences between women and men can be seen in their different biological makeup and character traits. Although men are usually physically stronger than women, they tend to neglect their health and bodies more, as well. And, since the life expectancy gap between both genders has decreased, men have to pay more heed to men’s health overall – especially since they are at a disadvantage when it comes to certain health problems. Men drinks and smoke more than women, for example, and are more prone to stress at work.

Men’s health problems affect the entire world now and with a female to male ratio of 10:1, men are definitely lagging behind nowadays. Problems like heart diseases, erectile dysfunction, STDs, obesity, colon and prostate cancer and diabetes are actually all rising in men because they neglect their health and refuse to seek medical help for them most of the time.

Men’s health problems regarding STDs are especially becoming a prime concern with the percentage of HIV/AIDs afflictions rising in today’s day and age. Erectile dysfunction and obesity are other big problems for men, in general. Usually, men who are too busy with work and otherwise lead a sedentary lifestyle full of drinking and smoking are those prone to this disease. Since obesity eventually leads to other health problems like diabetes and heart diseases, as well, this health problem shouldn’t just be neglected. Obesity also puts men at higher risk for heart failures, so combative and preventive means need to be looked into as soon as possible.

As for erectile dysfunction, or impotence, it can cause a lot of frustration on men’s sexual performances, as well as in procreation. As a men’s health problem, erectile dysfunction might be blamed on psychology or physiology or even a mere manifestation of another health problem like diabetes. It doesn’t help that the cultural and social expectations of men are that of masculine breadwinners who are responsible for their families. In fact, this might make men more stressed more often and send them down the road to unhealthy lifestyles. Because of this, male health problems should be looked into as soon as possible in order to be treated faster, as well.

With such a significant imbalance on the female to male ratio nowadays, it is clear that men’s health problems are becoming more of a concern that need to be addressed as soon as possible. In fact, it would be vital to do so in order to keep the male population alive and kicking. Think about it.

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