Strattera – Attention Deficit Disorder

Our life and our world are impossible without the ability to concentrate the attention to various objects or events. Attention is the necessary condition of the cognitive or other activities. It has been investigated by the scientists and psychologists for a long time. Moreover attention is the part of the cognitive psychology.

There are people who have had various attention violations since their childhood. Very often these people were very active children. This activity disappeared or was decreased later, but the features like the inattentiveness and abandon stayed. Of course this activity can be the individual features of the temperament and it doesn’t mean that it is the pathology. However if in the childhood this activity combines with the attention violations, the doctors, the parents and the teachers can make a conclusion that it is the problem of attention deficit disorder.

Attention deficit disorder is the behavior’s disorder, which is characterized by the hyperactivity, abandon and the attention violations. As the statistic shows from 3% to 5% of children suffer from this disorder, at that the boys have these problems more often than the girls.

The reasons of this disorder are unknown; the doctors think that in some cases this reason is the inherited pathology. But sometimes this disorder develops because of the fetal hypoxia. Also there can be the craniocerebral injuries, the serious viral infections, the too powered medicines and the injuries of the spinal column.

The psychologists divide the attention deficit disorder to three types:

  1. Combined type. This is the variant which involves the combination of the hyperactivity and the attention violations. This type is the most widespread.
  2. Inattentive type. This is the variant which involves the attention violations but it doesn’t involve the hyperactivity. This form is usually noticed among the girls who like to dream.
  3. Hyperactive type. This is the variant which involves the hyperactivity but it doesn’t involve the attention violations. This form is quite rare.

The useful medical treatment against the attention deficit disorder.

The medical treatment has to be organized with the doctor, who has already had the experience with this disorder. Strattera is the medicine which can help. It has to be used only once a day (desirably in the morning). If you decided to stop using this medicine, it will not be necessary to decrease the dosage before this. The Strattera medicine hasn’t to be used by people who have problems with the various diseases. Look carefully through the manual of this medicine to avoid the problems.