The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil happens to have a lot of benefits for women’s health: it can reduce the risk of breast cancer, regulate menstruation, reduce menopausal symptoms, prevent PMT and make the bones stronger. Because of this, it would be smart to include flaxseed supplements into your daily diet.

One problem in women’s health today is breast cancer and flaxseed can reduce any risks associated therewith by lowering the body’s estrogen levels. If taken in seed form, it also happens to be a great fiber source. Some studies also show that flaxseed can battle tumors, reduce estrogen, and work as an antioxidant. Plus, it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, to boot.

Thanks to its ingredient called the lignan, flaxseed is also known to regulate menstruation effectively, encourage it, and balance out the levels of progesterone. When it comes to menopause, on the other hand, flaxseed can rebalance the hormone levels, regulate periods, prevent insomnia and headaches, and ease mood swings and depression. Some studies also show that flaxseed can reduce post-menopausal diabetes and lung diseases.

A lot of women who suffer from OMT have come to find that flaxseed oil can help with mood swings, headaches, depression, cramps, stomach bloating and sore breasts, too. This can all be attributed to the high omega 3 fatty acid levels in flaxseed. Since flaxseed has so many essential fatty acids, it can also help the body absorb and retain calcium better, making it a great women’s health supplement for those with osteoporosis.

Women who add flaxseed to their diets also notice various other benefits to it, like healthier hair and glowing skin. A lot of the time, these problems occur because of hormone balances and flaxseed can help resolve them. Flaxseed can also stop the body from storing a lot of fat since it can burn fat effectively, making it a great supplement for those with weight problems.

Yes, women’s health can definitely benefit from a daily flaxseed intake. Since so many problems are being resolved with it, you can be sure that it won’t just help your current health state, but it will also be great at preventing other problems that affect women a daily basis. After all, every female is at risk of developing breast cancer, calcium deficiencies, PMT, weight gain, depression and menopausal symptoms. So, by adding a flaxseed supplement to your diet, you can experience inner health with ease, as well as notice various positive effects in your mental, emotional and physical state at the same time.

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