Varicose Veins Pain

Varicose veins pain is the first signal to see a doctor. Varicose veins do not disappear on their own. They tend to get worse over time. First varicose veins pain signals may be rather weak and unnoticed by you. You may relate first varicose veins pain to some injury or trauma, tiredness and excessive physical load on your legs during the day. If you deal with varicose veins pain then the case will get worse with time. If the pain is not related to varicose veins then it will get eased after rest.

Varicose veins pain is one of the most embarrassing symptoms preventing you from normal lifestyle. Pain blocks your movements and affects your working efficiency. When you feel varicose veins pain you will find it hard to concentrate on anything else but this feeling in the lower legs.

Thorough examination will help your doctor prescribe optimum treatment. Unfortunately varicose veins pain is a signal to turn to radical treatments as laser therapy making small varicose veins disappear, ablation using heat to destroy varicose veins or microphlebectomy during which a surgeon will make small cuts in the leg and will remove the varicose vein through these cuts.

Other radical treatments for varicose veins pain are:

  • Sclerotherpay using salt or chemical solution injected right into veins making the vessel hardened. After the procedure varicose veins disappear.
  • Bypass surgery using a vein extracted from your body to make a bypass for blood flow to normally circulate around the damaged varicose vein.
  • Angioplasty with stent installation will help to open the damaged vein, improve the blood flow. A small metal mesh capsule named stent is installed in the vein to ensure normal blood flow in the vessel.

Only redical therpay will relieve varicose veins pain. However you can help varicose veins pain on your own. There are several efficient methods that will help you feel better. They do not cancel the necessity of radical treatment.

Believe it or not, but varicose veins pain can be easily managed.

The first and the most typical advice is to wear compression stockings which will prevent your legs from swelling and thus will reduce the load from vessels and muscles. Moreover the stockings will promote moving the blood from lower legs to your heart by squeezing your legs.

Always be in motion. Even working in the office you have a chance to move. Do breaks and walk to and fro in the office. Move your legs under the table and never sit for a long time with your legs crossed. Some patients report relieve when their legs are up. Put a stay under your working table and place your legs on the stay. Even minute change of the angle we do well for your state and will help to relieve varicose veins pain.

See your doctor asap when notice:

  • severe varicose veins pain that turns continuous
  • change in how your varicose veins look
  • previously prescribed treatments do them worse or turn ineffective.