What Are Paper Anabolics?

Have you been a bodybuilding fanatic for years now? If yes, you probably already have heard of steroids and paper anabolics and what effects they can offer to anybody who is interested in pumping iron, extra strength, and building extra muscles mass, in a shorter time as compared to exercising and weightlifting alone. Anabolic steroids, which are another term for the hormone-like drugs, offer many effects for body builders, but also have benefits for people with specific medical conditions.

Some medical conditions treated by anabolic steroids include degenerative diseases and hormonal imbalances. However, there have been many legal issues that have arisen from the use of steroids in bodybuilding and in pro athletic events. Some of these legal complaints stem from the side effects that are caused by taking the drugs, especially when they are used without regulation. Because some people don’t want the stomach upset and inconvenience of swallowing pills, paper anabolics were developed. This variation was also thought of to be able to avoid the risk of getting stopped at customs inspection areas when pills or drugs are carried, as sources say.

Paper anabolics are actually made of rice paper sheets which have been infused with the chemicals that comprise anabolic steroids. Each sheet of rice paper has square grids drawn on them. When someone wants to take his regular daily dose of steroids, all he needs to do is cut out a grid or small square from the paper, and eat it. The same effects as offered by swallowing pills or injecting the steroids are achieved, and most sources would say that the paper alternative is less messy, more convenient, and has fewer digestive side effects.

If you would do an online search, you will find that there are now many producers of these types of anabolic steroids. They offer another option for people who don’t want injections or pills. Before starting on any steroid cycle to accompany your body building, be sure you consult a doctor, and be sure you know how to safely and legally use steroids. This helps avoid any unwanted side effects.